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Wood Heat Vs. Pellet Stove Comparison Guide

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If you’ve determined to heat your own home utilizing a wooden fire to complement your existing source of dwelling heat and scale back your total heating costs, you are not alone. Many customers are going again to fundamentals when it comes to home heating; however, now there are extra choices in terms of wood-burning stoves and the kind of wooden gasoline you’ll be able to burn to heat your private home.

There are two varieties of gas with regards to wood-burning stoves: firewood and wooden pellets. In comparison with the normal wood heat stove or fireplace, the pellet stove is a unique breed altogether. There are necessary comparisons to notice before making your buying choice. There may be, in fact, the standard wooden-burning fireplace, however in relation to wooden gas, this is simply the start of the choices.


With any kind of stove, be sure that it’s correctly vented for the safe launch of smoke to guard your private home and its inhabitants.

Differences Between Wooden Heat and Pellets

Both types of stoves produce a comfortable dry radiant heat. A wood stove burn must be maintained to keep the heat fixed. A pellet stove operates when the hopper is stuffed with fuel, or pellets, and the stove will be thermostatically managed.

In terms of storing and carrying firewood and pellets to the stove, there are additionally main differences. Pellets, often made from recycled wooden waste, must be kept in a dry place comparable to a shed, garage, or a room in the home. Firewood is normally stored outdoors, covered or not, and may be carried inside in smaller batches, if needed, to make the process easier. Pellets are bought in 40-pound bags, which may create a challenge when carrying to the stove.

The Spruce / Daniel Fishel

Key Features

Modern wooden heat stoves are safer and extra environment friendly than past fashions, because of new EPA-certified fashions. Older stoves released up to 30 grams of smoke per hour. The Environmental Protection Agency requires that wood stoves produce no more than 4.5 grams of smoke per hour, however the most recent stoves will produce no more than 2 grams of smoke per hour.

Emission limits for wooden heat stoves are managed by the interior design of the equipment, which makes it a much less complicated non-catalytic (much less inside combustion) or a extra complicated catalytic (more combustion to burn off more smoke earlier than venting) stove, but both are protected.

A pellet stove doesn’t have a non-catalytic or catalytic interior, but it surely does have a combustion chamber which receives the pellets from the hopper. It could actually also have an auto-ignition and programmable thermostat to maintain the heat consistent and comfy.

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In relation to choosing between wooden or pellet, it may come all the way down to the actual stove itself. Wooden heat stoves are available in both insert and free-standing models-with or without doors-fireplaces, fireplace inserts, wood cookstoves, and box heat stoves.

The first pellet stoves launched to the market have been boxy and appeared extra like simple unattractive wooden burners. Pellet stoves can be found in both insert and freestanding fashions and with or with out a viewing window. Nevertheless, their designs have been improved and, in lots of instances, the typical consumer would have issue telling them aside from a wood-burning heat stove.


It is vital to pick out a stove that is correctly sized to fit the area you’re hoping to heat. A stove that is too small won’t make a dent in the chill. In case your wooden heat or pellet stove is too massive for the area, you’ll end up running the equipment with a low smolder to keep away from overheating the house.

A rule of thumb is that a stove rated at 42,000 BTu (British Thermal Units, which is a basic measurement of heat manufacturing) can heat a 1,300-square-foot space. You could find pellet stoves with a heating capability of 8,000 as much as 90,000 BTu per hour, making them ultimate for smaller homes. A stove rated with at 60,000 BTu heats a 2,000-sq.-foot dwelling.

breakfast toaster kettle 3dsRepair and Upkeep

When contemplating which sort of stove to buy, it’s important to assess the upkeep of each. A wooden heat stove will want more upkeep than a pellet stove. Excess build up of soot in a wood heat stove means the equipment shouldn’t be working effectively to heat the house. For example, earlier than heating season, a house with a wood heat stove should have a chimney sweep and inspection to verify all components are in environment friendly and safe working order.

Abstract Neon LinesThough each the pellet stove and the wood heat stove require common cleaning and elimination of ash, the ash quantity is much less with a pellet stove, as are the emissions. You may additionally want to clean the flue vent to stop soot build up within the pellet stove. It’s recommended to take away unused pellets at the tip of a season to forestall rusting of the equipment’s interior.

Because only pellet gasoline is utilized in pellet stoves, there is no such thing as a bark or wooden chip mess to clean. Noisy stoves, ash buildup, and motor or energy problems are the same old repair issues. Working a pellet stove is clean and virtually smokeless.

Power Use

If firewood is readily accessible and economical-and you don’t mind the splitting, stacking, and wooden/bark mess that comes together with burning wood-a standard wood heat stove could also be cheaper to put in and function. It is even cheaper when you salvage free firewood.

A conventional wood heat stove or fireplace will proceed to supply heat throughout a energy outage, whereas a pellet stove will require a generator to operate, and this may be an vital consideration for your family. As well as, some wooden stoves have cooking surfaces, which will be very useful throughout emergencies.

A pellet stove is more environment friendly than an airtight stove or fireplace insert. Within the occasion of a power outage, a pellet stove, which requires electricity to function, will shut down. Test BTU scores when choosing a stove-the higher score is best.

Set up

Wooden Heat

Set up guidelines and codes are just like both sort of wooden-burning appliance. Wooden heat stoves normally require a full insulated chimney system that must prolong above the roof peak. Nevertheless, there are variations in connections (and connection prices).

Electric Guest electric electric guest gig poster guest icon illustration poster posters skullAlthough pellet stoves are normally slightly costlier to purchase than a wood heat stove, they are usually much easier, and less costly, to install. Some pellet stoves need solely a direct-vent or smaller chimney system, which is cheaper and simpler to install. This reduces connection costs.


Initial costs for a wooden stove or pellet stove are quite comparable, so far as the principle unit is anxious. It’s a matter of selection as to the model and design that appeals to you and choosing a size of stove satisfactory to heat your residing area.

The costs can differ when it comes to firewood and pellets, and what’s available to you in your area. Not like wood heating stoves that may burn firewood and wood scraps, a pellet stove can solely burn pellets, similar to wooden pellets or particular gasoline composites.

As the cost and availability of firewood and pellet fuels will range in numerous areas, you need to examine the cost of a full cord of firewood and that of pellets and consider how lengthy each quantity will last in an effort to make a correct comparison. If a winter’s provide of firewood is anticipated to price you close to the value of about 3 tons of pellets (what you would possibly typically use per season), your operating prices could also be related with either stove.


A wood heat stove can final between 20 to 25 years. There are fewer elements in any such stove, and it doesn’t run on electricity.

Pellet Stove

A pellet stove can last between 15 to 20 years. It lasts for less time than a wooden heat stove as a result of it has more working electrical parts, together with motors, fans, switches, and more. Wooden heat is among the oldest sorts of heat on the earth. In truth, you will in all probability be able to find some antique solid-iron potbelly wooden stoves from the 1800s which can be nonetheless in good working order.

The Verdict

If you are searching for an all-round budget-aware way of adding additional heat to your house and you’ve got a supply for loads of firewood to burn, a wood heat stove could also be good to your wants. As an important bonus, you’ll be able to heat your own home (and possibly cook a little) if in case you have a wooden heat stove, even if the electricity goes out in your space.

Nevertheless, in case you anticipate that your firewood and pellet prices can be comparable, you’ll be able to handle the heavy pellet luggage and provide enough storage, and also you want a clear type of heating where you’ll be able to set it and go away it for the day, a pellet stove would be an excellent choice. Always remember, though, a pellet stove depends on electricity.

– How usually do you need to scrub a wood burning stove?
If you’re using it all the time, a wood-burning stove must be cleaned weekly or bi-weekly.

– How typically should you clean a pellet stove? Annual maintenance and cleansing of each the stove and the chimney must be performed. Pellet stoves have to have any ash buildup cleaned out frequently, and when not getting used, the pellets should be eliminated.

– Does a wooden-burning stove or a pellet stove produce much less smoke?
A pellet stove is cleaner and emits less smoke than a wooden-burning stove.

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