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Spider-Man’s Storyline as Uncle Ben Dying

Modern Kitchen 01The noun is a clipping of refrigerator, maybe influenced by the Frigidaire model of refrigerators, or frigerator (“(dated) refrigerator”).[1] The verb is derived from the noun.

Free photo discontent bearded man looks unhappily away smirks face sticks through laundry with liquid powder looks away poses from inside of washig machine in laundromatThe fandom slang verb sense alludes to the phrase “women in refrigerators” coined by the American comic book author Gail Simone. Simone was referencing a plot level in Green Lantern (quantity 3, situation 54, 1994), by which the Inexperienced Lantern’s girlfriend is murdered by a villain, and her physique positioned in a refrigerator for him to seek out.[2]

fridge (plural fridges)

(informal) A refrigerator. [from 1920s] 2008, Yotam Ottolenghi; Sami Tamimi, “Vegetables, Legumes, and Grains”, in Ottolenghi: The Cookbook, New York, N.Y.: Ten Speed Press, revealed 2013, →ISBN:Candy broccolini with tofu, sesame, and cilantro […] First, marinate the tofu. In a bowl, whisk the soy sauce, chile sauce, and sesame oil together. Lower the tofu into strips about ⅜ inch / 1 cm thick, combine gently (so it would not break) with the marinade, and go away within the fridge for half an hour.

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Various kinds[edit]

frig (dated)

Derived terms[edit]

beer fridge
automobile fridge
fridge magnet
nuke the fridge
the wrong way up fridge


→ Antillean Creole: fridj
→ Hindi: फ़्रिज (frij), फ्रिज (phrij)
→ Malayalam: ഫ്രിഡ്ജ് (friḍjŭ)
→ Scottish Gaelic: frids
→ Swahili: friji


– French: frigo (fr) m
– Hungarian: frigó
– Polish: lodówka (pl) f
– Scottish Gaelic: frids m
– Spanish: frigo, refri m


(transitive, informal) To position (one thing) inside a refrigerator to chill; to refrigerate. 2007, Lucy Diamond [pseudonym; Sue Mongredien], Any Approach You Want Me, London: Pan Books, →ISBN, web page 201:I had turned up with a bottle, which the hostess, Celia, had duly fridged, but everybody else had opted for camomile tea, making me really feel like the largest lush in south London.

2013, Jeffery Deaver, chapter 27, within the October Listing […], New York, N.Y.; Boston, Mass.: Grand Central Publishing, →ISBN:He munched and sipped, wished the soda was chilly. Should have fridged it.

Toaster 2 Slice, REDMOND Stainless Steel Toaster with LED Countdown Timer Display12013, James Morton, “Advanced Yeasted Breads”, in Good Bread, London: Ebury Press, →ISBN, web page 134, column 2:If you don’t have two [baking] stones, bake it in two completely different batches, fridging your remaining doughs whilst you wait.

(transitive, fandom slang) To gratuitously kill, disempower, or in any other case remove (a personality, usually female) from a narrative, typically strictly to harm another character (normally male) and motivate vengeance. 2013 April 26, Siobhan Whitebread, “Welcome to the Punch: A little less Dialog [film evaluate]”, in Sophie Harrison, editor, Spark*: The College of Reading’s Pupil Newspaper, volume 63, number 1, Studying, Berkshire: Studying University Students’ Union, OCLC 1064400143, web page 15, column 5:The backing forged are additionally all glorious, as anticipated considering the calibre of actors hooked up to the film – Andrea Riseborough is an excellent example, taking part in a fascinating cop who actually didn’t need to be ‘fridged’ (which means: removed from the motion in order that the males can do their manly things).

2014, Tim Hanley, “The Mundane Fashionable Age”, in Marvel Lady Unbound: The Curious Historical past of the World’s Most Famous Heroine, Chicago, Sick.: Chicago Evaluation Press, →ISBN, half three (The Bronze Age), web page 240:When it comes to villains, acquainted characters have not been fridged but they’ve been rather sexualized.

2014 June 1, Dave Van Domelen, “Dave’s Capsules for Could 2014”, in, Usenet[1]:Gwen [Stacy] dying is as massive a part of Spider-Man’s storyline as Uncle Ben dying. Gwen was one thing of a reasonably nonentity within the comics, her loss of life really solely served the purpose of hurting Peter. However initially, she was fridged, lengthy earlier than that was a factor. She died a sufferer, yanked round by other characters.

2019 May 5, Danette Chavez, “Campaigns are Waged On and Off the game Of Thrones Battlefield (Newbies)”, in the A.V. Membership[2], archived from the unique on 28 January 2021:There’s greater than a hint of fridging to Missandei’s loss of life, as she leaves behind a grief-stricken Grey Worm along with Daenerys [Targaryen].

2022 March 12, Wealthy Johnston, “Gail Simone’s “Fridging” Becomes Official DC Comics Terminology”, in Bleeding Cool[3], retrieved 2022-03-12:

Bathroom accessories 31 M
Etymology 2[edit]

Probably imitative of the sound of chafing or rubbing.[3]


fridge (third-individual singular simple current fridges, present participle fridging, simple past and past participle fridged)

(transitive, archaic, chiefly Britain, dialectal) To chafe or rub (something). 1761, [Laurence Sterne], chapter IV, within the Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman, quantity III, London: […] R[obert] and J[ames] Dodsley […], OCLC 959921526, pages 13-15:A Man’s body and his thoughts, with the utmoſt reverence to both I ſpeak it, are exactly like a jerkin, and a jerkin’s lining;-rumple the one-you rumple the other. There is one certain exception nonetheless in this caſe, and that is, when you are ſo fortunate a fellow, as to have had your jerkin manufactured from a gum-taffeta, and the physique-lining to it, of a ſarcenet or thin perſian. […] [Y]ou may need rumpled and crumpled, and doubled and creaſed, and fretted and fridged the outſides of them all to pieces;-in ſhort, you might have performed the very satan with them, and at the ſame time, not one of the inſides of ’em would have been one button the worſe, for all you had completed to them.

1913, D[avid] H[erbert] Lawrence, “The Early Married Life of the Morels”, in Sons and Lovers, London: Duckworth & Co. […], OCLC 855945, page 20:The city spread upwards before them, smoking vaguely in the midday glare, fridging the crest away to the south with spires and manufacturing facility bulks and chimneys.

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