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How to Clean your Washing Machine

baked potato pressure cooker soupI know what you’re pondering: Clean my washing machine? Nicely, loopy as it may seem, even a machine that washes needs washing every every now and then.

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First, regular washing-machine upkeep will assist prevent the buildup of mold, mildew, dust, dirt, and soap deposits, which could be harmful to your health and clothing-and trigger quite a stink, too. Cleansing is particularly essential for front-loading machines as a result of the rubber gasket across the door stays wet. In case you own a entrance loader, after every load of laundry, use a cotton cloth to dry the inside of the door and its rubber gasket.

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Additionally, keep the door-or lid on prime-loaders-open to permit air to circulate. In case your machine has such a latch, use it to air out the tub. Some front-loaders have a latch, referred to as a magnetic door plunge, that holds the door open an inch or so. And if your washing machine doesn’t have a latch, purchase an after-market latch, such because the Door-Doc, that’ll work on most machines.

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Cat investigates washing machine 2003-07-03.pngNo matter what kind of washing machine you have got, once each three months, run it empty (no clothes) with hot water and one cup of oxygen bleach to sanitize and refreshen the inside of the machine.

Okay, now let’s check out some other ways to give your washing machine a correct cleansing to forestall the buildup of fungus and grime.

Cleansing Tablets

Small Kitchen Whirlpool setMany new excessive-effectivity washing machines have a cleaning mode that’s designed to clean a load of laundry utilizing a special cleansing tablet or liquid, thereby washing the machine and clothes at the identical time. Products like Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner or Clorox Washing Machine Cleaner can be used once a month, however you shouldn’t rely on these merchandise alone.

Light bulb on green grassWhereas a month-to-month cleaning of your washer will definitely help, the next steps should even be taken to go beyond utilizing a cleaning product, and some of them are a bit cheaper than shelling out for special tablets or liquids.

Natural Cleaners

Vinegar and baking soda are amazing natural cleansers and can be utilized safely in your washing machine. In case your washer has an additional soak possibility, run that to allow the cleansing mixture to really settle into the machine. Add a quart of white vinegar and a cup of baking soda to the cleaning mode and run the washer without clothes.

Repeat the method again with just water to take away any leftover dirt remnants. Vinegar and baking soda won’t sanitize in addition to oxygen bleach, but they’re much much less caustic.

And don’t neglect to depart the door ajar between washings so the inside of the machine and the door gasket can dry out. Simply make sure that no curious pets sneak in via the open door.

Scrub the Seal

The rubber seal or gasket across the door will probably be the dirtiest part of your washing machine. Use a gentle-bristle nylon brush and the vinegar/baking soda answer to totally scrub and clear the area. Water and moisture can acquire there, which creates the perfect environment for breeding mold.

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Pull the seal away from the washer as a lot as possible-be careful not to tear it-so you can clean robust-to-attain spots. Strive scrubbing those spots with oxygen bleach. If you still see darkish spots on the seal after a very good scrubbing, the area is likely to be permanently stained with mold.

And while you can use any nylon brush to wash your washing machine, the slim type that resembles a giant toothbrush is greatest for entering into tight spots.

Wash the Tray

Dodge Coronet R/T 426 Hemi (WS23) 1968 - Vintage oldtimer classic us muscle carTake away and clear the detergent and fabric softener tray, as effectively as the slot into which it slides. This area can build up gunk over time that will attract dirt, which can clog your washer.

Colored Facets Of A GemstoneCheck the Hoses

Periodically remove the hot- and chilly-water provide hoses from the rear of the washing machine and verify for any obstructions. There needs to be a filter in place to catch sand and dirt, which may construct up and prevent your washing from getting enough water to function effectively.

Also, consider replacing rubber hoses with stainless-steel mesh hoses, which are much stronger, extra durable and fewer more likely to burst. That way, should a hose burst whereas you’re away, you won’t return to a flooded house. And speaking of bursting hoses, remember to turn off the valves to both the new- and cold-water hoses when leaving your own home for an prolonged time period; say, more than every week.

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