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How to Clean a Stove Top, Including Tough Stains and Grease

Don’t let hardened stove-top stains stand in the best way of a sparkling kitchen.

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– Working Time: 1 hour
– Whole Time: 1 hour, 15 minutes
– Ability Stage: Beginner
– Estimated Price: $10

Of all of the surfaces in your kitchen, your cooktop probably suffers essentially the most spills, splashes, and stains. Nonetheless, scrubbing your stove high weekly requires a little extra work. Worse still, excessive heat from the burners can cause messes to grow to be baked-on and difficult to remove. This fast routine will prevent food and oils from hardening onto your stove prime. Keep it looking pristine by spot-cleansing minor mishaps at mealtime and dedicating time each week to perform a more thorough scrubbing. A day by day wipe-down during your routine kitchen cleaning only requires a quick spritz of cleaner and a swipe with a damp cloth. Whether or not you’ve got a glass cooktop, a gas stove, or electric coil burners, we’ll present you the most effective way to rid your cooking floor of any leftover residue and get it in tip-top form.

Before Getting Started

Stoves, especially these with gasoline stove high burner heads, and other interior working stove components are intricate and differ drastically from mannequin to mannequin and model to brand. Inside, you will find directions specific to your mannequin and diagrams that spell out precisely how to wash your stove top. You’ll want to be nicely knowledgeable on how to scrub the stove burners on your specific equipment so you do not damage the burner and trigger it to malfunction or grow to be a hazard. Cannot find your manual? Search the model quantity (usually on a label inside the door) online, and also you might be capable to find a digital version or seek the advice of the manufacturer’s web site, which might have cleansing ideas and how-to videos. Your proprietor’s guide might be a useful reference.

What You will Need

Lozana Typeface air airplane all caps badge design clean font free font illustration logo badge lozana modern modern font monoline new york nyc retro smile type type design vintage designTools / Tools

– Single-edged scraper
– Clear cloth

– Clean cloth
– Microfiber cloth

– Damp cloth
– Microfiber cloth

Cleaning Fuel Stove Burners

– Toothbrush
– Damp cloth
– Microfiber cloth

– Sponge or scouring pad

– Sponge
– Microfiber cloth
– Cloth


Cleansing Stains on a Glass Stove Top

61-Kitchen1 glossy 6– Cleaner (accredited for glass stove tops)

Deep Cleaning a Glass Cooktop

– Vinegar
– Baking soda

Cleaning a Fuel Stove High

– Cleaner (authorised for gas ranges)

Cleansing Fuel Stove Grates

– Dish soap

Cleansing an Electric Stove Top

Choose from a curated selection of New York photos. Always free on Unsplash.– Dish soap
– Vinegar
– Baking soda


How to wash a Glass Stove Top

Glass-topped electric stoves have turn out to be a preferred alternative over the years. Their security features have improved, too. The latest electric stove tops use induction cooking know-how that can boil water whereas keeping the cooking surface cool to the contact. They’re easy, flat, and nearly undetectable on a kitchen counter.

A big promoting level for glass stove tops is that they’re simple to clean. In the case of this hardworking room, simple-to-clear kitchen options are a perk. (Need a bit additional cleaning energy? Wiping a flat surface with a damp cloth after each meal is barely thought-about a chore. Spritz with just a little little bit of vinegar earlier than wiping.) However, grease splatters and bubbling sauce can build up over just a few days of cooking.

How to scrub Stains on a Glass Stove Prime

One of the most effective ways to scrub a glass stove prime with tough stains is to select up a single-edged scraper ($5, The house Depot) and get to work. The scraper lets you goal stubborn buildup and exhausting-to-clean edges and crevices.

Soak Cooktop

Soak the problem area in a cleaner accredited for glass stove tops and let it sit for several minutes.

Scrape Cooktop

Then, scrape slowly, firmly, and thoroughly, holding the blade at a low 30- to 40-diploma angle. Do not press too onerous and keep away from holding the scraper at a excessive angle so that you do not accidentally crack the glass.

Easy methods to Deep Clear a Glass Cooktop

For a general, all-over deep scrub, do this methodology from cleansing firm Merry Maids, which features cleansing with baking soda and vinegar, two of our favourite natural cleaners.

Apply Vinegar and Baking Soda

When the glass stove high is cool, spritz with vinegar and generously sprinkle the stove top with baking soda.

Soak with Sizzling Water

Wet a cloth with scorching water and wring out any excess moisture. Place the towel over the cooktop and let it sit for 10 to quarter-hour.

Wipe off Residue

Take away the towel and wipe the cooktop with a microfiber cloth. Repeat these steps until the residue is gone. Spray frivolously with vinegar again and wipe with another clear, dry microfiber cloth, buffing out any streaks.

Wipe the glass cooktop clean with a clean cloth.

How to clean a Gas Stove Prime

Fuel stove tops continue to be one among the most well-liked stove choices. They use a real flame that provides responsive, even heating. Since your cookware sits atop grates, you can use stoneware or solid iron skillets, which would otherwise scratch a glass cooktop. Trendy gas cooktops offer a range of burner sizes and shapes, so you can always discover the proper floor for the job.

Although daily cleansing isn’t as straightforward as the “wipe and go” method conducive to a glass stove prime, the routine is still pretty simple.

Take away Grates

Midcentury Brass Pendant by Hans Agne JakobssonWhen the stove prime is cool, choose up the grates and wipe up any spills or crumbs that fell beneath the grates.

Coffee Flowers TableSpray with a cleaner that’s designed for gasoline ranges. Wipe the grates with a damp cloth. See the instructions beneath for the way to deep clear fuel stove grates. Wipe clean with a damp cloth. If grates are notably soiled, wash them with dish soap and warm water within the sink.

Dry Cooktop

Dry the cooktop with a microfiber cloth. Dry and change the grates.

How to scrub Fuel Stove Burners

Every now and then, look under the burner caps to assess if the burner heads need cleansing. Before starting, guarantee all the burners are off and the stove high is cool. Correct gas stream is dependent on clear burner heads.

Soak up Spills

Take away grates. Use a damp cloth to soak up any spills within the burner head and slots.

Remove Crumbs

Use a nonabrasive brush, like a toothbrush, to take away any crumbs between the burner slots. Wipe clear with a damp cloth.

Substitute Grates

Wipe dry with a microfiber cloth and put the grates again on the cooktop.

How to scrub Gas Stove Grates

Grates make cleaning a gas stove high tougher. By then, the sticky residue is stubborn. If the handbook for your gas stove prime says it is okay, you’ll be able to run the grates in your dishwasher regularly. For cooked-on stains, clear grates with dish soap and warm water. Grease, oil, and food particles splatter onto the grates and keep there until the buildup becomes noticeable.

Soak Grates

Soak the grates in heat, soapy water in the sink. An excellent grease-cutting soap, equivalent to Dawn dish cleaning soap, will assist break down the cooked-on gunk.

Scrub Grates

Scrub the grates gently. (Keep in mind that helpful owner’s manual? For coated grates, use a sponge. If they aren’t coated, you should utilize a gentle scouring pad. It should point out what varieties of grates you could have.) In case your grates are too giant to place in the sink, use a large storage bin.

Dry Grates

Dry the grates with a clean cloth and return to the stove top.

Realistic Looking Modular Cliffs and Rocks BlenderHow to scrub an Electric Stove Prime

Electric coil stove tops look like gas stoves however cook with electricity. Just like the grates on a gasoline stove prime, electric coil burners are vulnerable to sticky residue from cooking. The electric-powered coil burners present even heating that may be adjusted in accordance with the heat knobs. No flame means a safer option to cook, which may be perfect for families with younger youngsters or curious pets.

Remove Electric Coil Burners

To scrub them properly, you have to first remove the electric coil burners. As soon as the cooktop is cool, gently unplug the burner.

Wipe Burners Clear

Wipe the burners with a sponge soaked in warm, soapy water. Rinse and set aside to dry totally. As you clear, be careful not to get the electrical connection wet.

Clean the Stove Prime

Whereas the burners are drying, wipe down the remainder of your electric stove high, moving into every nook and cranny with a damp cloth or sponge. Use an all-objective cleaner to remove any robust stains.

Clear Drip Plates (Optionally available)

If the drip plates beneath the burners are removable, take them out and give them a deep stove cleaning with this vinegar and baking soda technique from cleaning skilled Mary Findley of Go Clean.

Heat the vinegar in a microwave. Sprinkle baking soda on the drip pans, then rigorously pour hot vinegar into the pans. Let the mixture sit for half-hour earlier than wiping clear with a wet sponge and rinsing with water.

Reattach the Electric Coil Burners

Use a microfiber cloth to dry the clean cooktop. Substitute the drip plates if you happen to eliminated them in step 4.

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