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How to Bleed your Gas Furnace (& why you Need To)

Choose from a curated selection of tree photos. Always free on Unsplash.Do it is advisable to bleed your gas furnace however aren’t positive how? Then take a look on the directions in this text that will explain how and why you should get the job finished.

In case you haven’t used your gas furnace in just a few months there might be air in the line. Here’s find out how to bleed a gas furnace:

Repeatedly press the igniter button for forty five seconds

When the pilot lights, press and hold the igniter button for 45 seconds

Repeat steps 1 & 2 up to 3 instances

Bleeding a gas furnace is a job that has to be completed rigorously. However additionally it is an excellent simple DIY activity. Take a look at these steps in detail and discover out more in regards to the importance of bleeding a furnace subsequent.

Simple Steps to Bleed Your Gas Furnace

Are you having hassle getting your gas furnace started?

So you’ve had a spell of nice weather and you haven’t wanted to place the heating on for a few months. However as the nights now get a bit of cooler, turning the gas furnace on in the evening is a pleasant strategy to make the home really feel cozy.

If you’re having bother getting your gas furnace to start out then it may need bleeding. This job is straightforward however must be achieved rigorously. Here’s the whole lot you need to do to bleed your furnace and get it up and running again.

Step #1 Ventilate the world

This first step is considered one of crucial to make sure your safety. You should ensure that the room you might be in is nicely-ventilated all through the job. That’s to open the windows and doors. There shouldn’t be any open flames current. This contains candles, kerosene lamps, oil lamps, or anything comparable.

Step #2 Open the Valve Meeting

The next factor you will need to do is to open the valve assembly on the fuel line. You need to be capable to open and switch the valve assembly so that it stays in the “ON” position.

Step #3 Push the Igniter Switch

Next, it’s good to push the igniter swap repeatedly for forty five seconds or press and hold the swap in the “ON” position. As you do this, it is best to see a blue spark at the pilot assembly.

Step #4 Push and Hold the Fuel Valve Management Knob

Then, push and hold the gasoline valve control knob. Turn it as you push and hold it so it stays within the “ON” position.

Step #5 Push the Igniter Change

As you push and hold the fuel valve in, you will need to push and hold the igniter swap. Do that till the pilot valve ignites*.

*Word: It could take up to 10 minutes for the pilot valve to ignite. How lengthy it should take to ignite will vary depending on how a lot air is in the gas line.

Step #6 Proceed Pushing the Igniter Switch

Once the pilot valve ignites, proceed to push the igniter swap for 30 seconds more. As you do that, flip the gasoline valve on.

Step #7 Check How Your Furnace Ignites

If the fire stays alight after you have released the ignition, the fuel is flowing correctly again. You should now be in a position to start out your gas furnace with none points. If the furnace doesn’t ignite easily, repeat steps 1-6 again*.

*Note: In case your gas furnace has been out of operation for greater than a couple of months, chances are you’ll must repeat steps 1-6 up to 3 instances for it to begin working once more. This might indicate that there’s a extra severe problem with it. If the gas furnace does not ignite easily after you will have done this, you might want to contact a technician.

Why It is advisable Bleed Your Gas Furnace

Bleeding a gas fireplace is simply one other job we now have so as to add to our never-ending checklist of family chores. Because this is not a job that it’s important to do often, it could be simple in your furnace to get neglected. So, why is it so necessary that you just bleed your furnace?

It is very important bleed your gas furnace in case there’s air within the fuel line. If there is, you won’t be able to ignite your gas furnace.

However what causes this problem? That is brought on by infrequent use of the furnace. If there’s air in your fuel line it means that there is a void in the road. The void will likely be between the fuel valve and the pilot meeting. This could be for the next reasons.

– You didn’t use your furnace over the winter

– You didn’t use your furnace for two consecutive months or longer

Bleeding your gas furnace will be sure that it ignites instantly.

How Often Do you have to Bleed a Gas Furnace?

It is best to make bleeding your gas furnace part of your annual furnace maintenance. Doing so will be sure that it stays in tip-high situation and ignites shortly. Bleeding your gas furnace once a 12 months may even help to prevent issues and breakdowns.

Asides from bleeding the furnace, you should also do the following upkeep in your gas furnace.

– Routine cleansing

– Annual chimney sweeping

CO alarm testing

Do You Want a professional to Bleed a Gas Furnace?

Bleeding a gas furnace will not be a job that requires a professional. Additionally it is necessary that you just bear just a few security protocols in mind. That is true so long as you follow the directions rigorously when completing the job. The next ideas will ensure that you keep protected whereas bleeding your gas furnace.

– Make certain the area that you’re working in is properly-ventilated. Keep the windows and doorways open while you work. Any particular directions tailor-made in your furnace can be included here. You will need to check out them earlier than you start the job.
– If you smell fuel, which means that there is a leak. A clogged firebox might trigger a house fire and carbon monoxide buildup.
– Follow the consumer manual in your gas furnace. This consists of cigarette lighters, candles, oil lamps, and something related.
– Be certain that there usually are not any open flames on the premises whereas you’re employed.
– Check your propane tank is in proper working order before you attempt to use it

– Keep your gas furnace clear, it will ensure that it doesn’t develop into clogged. Immediately evacuate the home and contact the emergency services. You possibly can keep the fireplace clean by doing the next:- Cleansing the vents

– Emptying the ashtray after each use

– Vacuuming and cleaning the firebox

– Keep the fireplace flue clear of debris


On a cold winter evening, no one likes to struggle with a gas furnace that doesn’t wish to activate. That’s why bleeding your gas furnace annually is so necessary so that you can keep using it trouble-free. I’m certain that this text has proven you a easy method that you should utilize to get the job carried out quickly and safely.

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