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How much does Gas Furnace Replacement Cost?

cookicons! backpack butt coffee cooking grill hotdog icon icons kettle linework smore stoveInstalling a gas furnace might help keep your private home warm and toasty even during the harshest of winters. The typical gas furnace replacement price for a 1,600 to 2,000 square foot home is about $7,000, with a typical range of $3,800 to $10,000, though some excessive-effectivity models will cost as a lot as $12,000.

Loundry Room CabinetGasoline furnaces work to transform power into heat, which moves throughout your own home in the form of scorching air. Furnaces can be found in lots of gasoline sorts, however gasoline furnaces are by far the preferred alternative for homeowners. Read on to learn all of the elements involved in the associated fee to replace a gas furnace. Why? They’re comparatively cheap to install, do not require an excessive amount of upkeep, and tend to heat homes without accruing gigantic month-to-month power bills.

What Does a new Gas Furnace Value?

A brand new furnace value is determined by the kind of furnace you select, as well as labor and set up charges.

Cost to Exchange a Gas Furnace by Sort

You’ll be taking a look at one in every of three foremost gas furnace sorts. There are better long-time period financial savings to be had by investing in a more vitality-environment friendly style-in case your earmarked budget can stretch to that.


Count on to pay between $seven-hundred and $3,000 for one of these simple-to-supply furnaces with a easy on-off action. They may be probably the most painless in your initial financial institution stability, however they don’t function as efficiently, comfortably, or quietly as the opposite two varieties.


Two-stage (or twin-stage) furnaces are a bigger upfront investment than single-stage models, costing between $1,000 and $3,500. And their decrease setting is quieter when you’re settling for a cozy evening in. Nevertheless, with their excessive and low blower settings, they aren’t always blasting out the most well liked air, pruning your annual power payments.


These fuel-environment friendly furnaces feature variable speed blowers and price between $1,300 and $6,500. Because they maintain a consistent temperature utilizing a pc-managed thermostat, your furnace won’t guzzle gas working hard to warm the home when there’s a sudden chilly snap.

Labor Prices for Gas Furnace Installation

Labor will value $500 to $2,000, though quotes are nearly all the time free. A professional HVAC pro will determine the most effective furnace to fit your wants, bearing in mind your location, the size of your house, the age of your house, and your average monthly energy bills. You will pay $50 to $one hundred per hour for a licensed furnace installer, along with as much as $50 per hour for any additional crew members.

Cost of Converting to a Pure Gas Heater

You’ll have to boost your budget if you are converting a heating system quite than replacing an existing pure gas furnace.

Propane to Natural Gasoline

Though they’re more expensive to buy, it costs a fair bit much less to run a pure gas furnace in comparison with a propane furnace. Some furnaces can run off both sort of gas, and conversion kits price lower than $100.

If you happen to don’t have already got a gas supply running to your own home, putting in an underground gasoline line costs from $a hundred and twenty to $1,350. And, should you want a new tank, you could pay as much as $500 to shift the old one (depending on its location and local laws).

Electric to Natural Gas

Switching to gas from electric heating is sensible when dealing with frigid winters. However tack on an extra $120 to $9,850 on high of the cost furnace’s value.

No fuel line? Budget $120 to $1,350 to put in one. Plus, if you’re currently utilizing electric baseboard heaters, ductwork set up costs $1,500 to $7,000. Then there’s the cost of a constructing permit, which will be as much as $400, you probably have to apply for one to make the change.

Heat Pump to Pure Gas

You’ll be facing an analogous bill to alter from a heat pump to pure fuel as you would for switching from electric heating. So, anyplace from $a hundred and twenty to $9,850, relying on whether or not you want to install ductwork and a gas line.

Oil Furnace to Natural Gasoline

Oil furnaces are frequent when there’s no pure fuel out there in your neighborhood. These will add one other $500 to $1,840 to your remaining bill. Don’t overlook to issue within the upfront costs of extending the gasoline line to your house and getting a service and professional clean for the ductwork-oil furnaces produce loads of soot. But, if gasoline is now on offer, you would possibly wish to make the switch.

You’ll want to consider more than simply the value tag to maintain your home warm and snug

Gas Furnace Alternative Value Breakdown

The largest cost would be the furnace itself. A model new furnace costs an average of $2,250 and tops out at round $4,000. There can be labor to contemplate, in addition to quite a lot of hidden prices that you must keep watch over as you collect estimates from a qualified local HVAC knowledgeable. High-effectivity fashions, which could also be needed for colder-than-average climates, common $3,500 to $5,500.

Here’s a breakdown of how you can anticipate to spend your money when taking on a gas furnace installation undertaking:

Buying a brand new Furnace

Gasoline furnaces are complicated items of tools and, as such, will take up the lion’s share of your total installation cost. So, an 80,000 BTU furnace will keep a 1,600 to 2,000 sq. foot residence nice and toasty in the course of the winter. The furnace itself will gobble up 50% to 75% of the cost of the full challenge. You will pay extra for a excessive-effectivity furnace and the value will also escalate as you go for larger items to cowl more sq. footage. As a rule, you have to 30 to 50 BTUs per sq. foot.

Each gas furnace options a gasoline effectivity score. These efficiency scores break down into three classes, each with differing price ranges. That is the Annual Fuel Utilization Effectivity (AFUE) ranking.

Mid-Vary Efficiency: These gasoline furnaces boast a mean AFUE rating of 80%, that means that it loses 20% of usable vitality throughout use. This is the least costly gas furnace sort, at $900 to $1,800.

Mid-Vary Effectivity with AC: This kind provides the identical effectivity score as above however consists of an built-in air conditioning unit. This will likely be slightly dearer, at $2,500 to $3,000.

Excessive Efficiency: These are the latest and biggest gas furnaces on the block. Your month-to-month energy bill will thank you, however these furnaces are essentially the most expensive at $3,000 to $4,000. The AFUE rating is off the charts, at 95%. In different phrases, it loses just 5% of vitality throughout use.

Eradicating an Outdated Furnace

Chances are, this is not your first rodeo. You might have to remove an previous gas furnace before you set up the new one. You need to replace a gas furnace every 15 to 20 years, depending on how nicely it’s operating. Professional removal will value $60 to $500, depending on how far you reside from a dumpsite, how heavy your furnace is, and any environmental and dumping charges required by law. In some circumstances, recyclers will seize the old furnace and use it for components, charging you $50 or so.

A brand new HVAC system costs round $7,500 on common

Installing New Ductwork

Your new furnace won’t work correctly if it is not properly built-in with the ductwork, vents, and filters of your private home. You may have a wholly new ductwork system, especially in case your new furnace features a unique design than your pre-current furnace. If you happen to just want some minor duct changes and restore, expect to pay round $1,000. Putting in new ductwork costs $1,500 to $7,000, relying on the number of tales in your house, the number of intake and output vents, and any needed siding and wall repairs.

Gas Line

Fuel furnaces have to connect to a gasoline important. If you are changing a pre-present mannequin, the gas line should be ready to go and no installation shall be mandatory. If that is your first gas furnace, the price to put in a brand new gas line is $250 to $800.

Permits and Inspections

Depending on the place you reside, you might have knowledgeable inspection and a constructing permit in order to install a new gas furnace. Building permits cost $400 to $1,500, and this price ought to cover any inspection charges. These inspections will be sure that the furnace operates safely, so ensure to buy around before settling on an inspector.

What Factors Influence the cost to install a Gas Furnace?

There are additional components to contemplate when pricing out gas furnace substitute prices. A few of these might truly prevent money, so be on the lookout.

Upgraded Electrical Circuit

Do you will have a vintage furnace that’s been in your house for decades? Upgrading to a modern, high-power model may mean having to shell out the price to change your circuit breaker box if it’s equally antique-finances around $1,one hundred fifty for this job.


Though the upfront new furnace cost will be worrisome, it can pay for itself over time by lowering your month-to-month power invoice. Most new furnaces come with a 10-year restricted manufacturer’s warranty for elements and a 20-12 months warranty on the heat exchanger, which is probably the most costly part of a gas furnace. Ask your pro to clarify the ins and outs of your warranty before making a last choice. To help the financial savings keep rolling in 12 months after year, most fuel furnaces ship with robust warranties.

Rebates and Incentives

When you purchase a excessive-efficiency gas furnace you’ll obtain a yearly tax credit score of $one hundred fifty (as of this writing.) There are some hoops to leap by way of, so gather proof that your newly installed gas furnace options an AFUE score of 95% or larger.

Additionally, new gas furnaces can qualify for a lot of local utility incentives and rebates. Name your utility firm to inquire about present promotions and you should definitely ask your contractor for any money-saving tips.

Air Filters

Ask your pro to try your air filters as they install the new gas furnace. Change air filters twice a year to maintain the furnace working at peak effectivity. Plus, you’ll breathe simpler (literally) figuring out that the filters are contemporary and clear. The associated fee to change an air filter is negligible, but it will pay dividends in the long term.

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You possibly can extend the life of your gas furnace with regular service and preventive upkeep.

Incessantly Asked Questions

How do I find a reputable contractor to put in a gas furnace?

A gas furnace is a big funding for homeowners, even if it should assist reduce down on the month-to-month utility invoice. You can even search the web for customer evaluations and take a look at the better Enterprise Bureau webpage for any warning signs. Research furnace installers close to you forward of time to verify they have the required insurance and licenses to do the job. Finally, give them a call to get a feel for his or her professionalism and general knowledge base.

When ought to I substitute a gas furnace?

Gas furnaces sometimes last 15 to 20 years. If your furnace is 15 years old and operating usually, there isn’t any must substitute it. Whether it is 18 years outdated, however, and starting to point out some signs of wear, you might want to start out shopping around.

What different initiatives should I do at the same time?

Whereas installing your new furnace, it’s best to consider hiring a professional to perform a house power audit. This audit gives you a useful list of any tasks you might undertake to enhance your house’s overall energy efficiency score, including changing or sealing windows and insulating the attic.

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