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Collection: Water Purifier

Gyro Cup for Pure Particles free TeaPurchase water purifiers online from Livpure’s web site. Livpure provides a wide range of water purifiers. Here are just a few particulars of our vary-

action, bar, blur, blurred, cafeteria, coffee, coffee machine, coffee shop, curitiba, focus, indoorsRO Water Purifiers :

Reverse osmosis or RO water purifier uses a water purification process that utterly removes ions, unwanted particles, and dangerous molecules to make the water drinkable. Livpure offers many water purifiers with RO expertise. – Platino + Copper Water Purifier : RO know-how not solely removes unwanted things from water but in addition sweetens the taste of the water.

WASHDRY 10 57KG F4J9JHP2T ASSPEILLivpure’s Platino + copper filters water by 7 stages and gives you the purest drinking water. It has a capacity of 8.5L, comes with customized dispensing options, and has an insect-proof tank.
Bolt+(RO+UF) Water Purifier :

Free vector italian pizza, wood fired logo business branding package template designs inspiration isolated on white backgroundThis water purifier comes with advanced RO+UF filtration expertise that helps filter water from any supply through 7 stages to give you the most effective-treated drinking water. It adds required minerals to water with the mineralizer and has 6.5L of capability.
Bolt+(RO+UV) Water Purifier :

This water purifier filters water utilizing RO and UV know-how sterilization. With a copper cartridge and 7 stage purification of water, and 7L water storage, this water purifier comes with in-tank UV sterilization expertise.
Zinger Water Purifer :

Choose from a curated selection of fruits photos. Always free on Unsplash.Livpure Zinger comes with a Zinger mineralizer that offers you mineral-wealthy drinking water by 6 levels of advanced purification and UV sterilization. The purified and mineralized water helps you keep healthy.
Linea Copper Water Purifier :

Livpure’s Linea Copper water comes with a Copper 29 cartridge and 7 phases of purification know-how for advanced purification. – Underneath the Counter Water purifier UTC neon : Apart from these 6, Zinger copper scorching and UTC neon additionally use RO technology to offer you the best water purifier for your property. It has 5L of storage and has customizable dispensing options as properly. Its RO 2000 TDS membrane helps to remove suspended water contaminants.

Livpure’s underneath the counter water filter- Neon matches comfortably underneath your sink and keeps the kitchen litter-free. This underneath sink water filter has a compact and efficient design, using 7 stages of water filtration and making water from any source excellent for drinking.
Zinger Copper Hot Water Purifier :

It has been identified for ages that drinking hot water is beneficial to well being, together with weight loss, reducing inflammation and cold symptoms, and so on. This premium water purifier dispenses hot water anytime, with RO+UV+UF altogether, purification technology, and 6 stages of advanced purification. The RO UV UF water purifier additionally enhances the taste of the water.
– UV Water Purifiers :

Stove Dirty and CleanUltrafiltration know-how is moreover used in the UV+UF water purifier to stop bodily microbial impurities in any source of water. The UF membrane is a kind of membrane filtration by which the water is compelled to cross by way of a semipermeable membrane. Ultraviolet rays penetrate harmful pathogens within the supply water and destroy undesirable microorganisms by attacking their DNA and crippling their powers to reproduce. Right here, the water waste is very low and uses no electricity. This technology is chemical-free, doesn’t change the style, makes use of little or no energy, and is low maintenance. Ultraviolet or UV water purifiers employ the best technique for disinfecting bacteria from any water. 1.Glitz water purifier-

Livpure’s Glitz is a water purifier that makes use of both UF and UV expertise to purify your water and comes at a pocket-friendly price. 2.Touch UV water purifier- It ensures a high supply of pure water and minimizes wastage. It uses a sophisticated four stage purification system to give you clean water.

The most pocket-pleasant water purifier from Livpure which does not skim on providing you clean drinking water. It comes with a UV failure alarm, LED indicators, and 6000 L filter life. That is for you if you’d like clean drinking water at a pocket-friendly cost.

Fried egg cook dinner egg food fried frying pan icons kitchen lunch pan stoveGravity Water Purifiers :

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1. Brahma Gravity Water Purifier:

Air Conditioner 3D IconThe Livpure Brahma Gravity Water Purifier is a five stge superior purifying unit. This sleek water purifier is a big 4000 litre capability, non-electric, and self-assembled product that is ideal for dwelling usage.
2. Brahma Neo Gravity Water Purifier:

Another gravity primarily based design, the Brahma Neo Gravity Water Purifier is a chemical free water purification product. The unit is made from food grade plastic supplies that is extremely durable.
3. Match Gravity:

Air transport air analytical center cartoon flat illustration tolstovbrand transport vectorThe most affordable priced of Livpure’s gravity based mostly water purifiers, the Fit Gravity Water Purifier, can be the most portable, because it required zero plumbing. The product works with out electricity, giving clean water all through the day.

Livpure needs every Indian household to get the cleanest drinking water doable and ensures that water purifiers attain them at every value point. Also, try our RO upkeep plans to offer your purifiers the longest and healthiest life attainable. Purchase a water purifier from Livpure to have a disease-free life.

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