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Ari Makina Insaat Sanayi ve Tic

What’s new?
– Manufacturers

coffee– A

– Addfield Environmental Methods Limited (2)
– AEM (1)
– Aichelin Group (7)
– ALD (3)
– APS Novastar (3)
– Argenta (1)
– Ari Makina Insaat Sanayi ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. (1)
– ATI Industries (2)

– B

– B.M.I. Fours Industriels (8)
– Baker Perkins Ltd. (2)
– Belmeko (2)
– Benko (2)

– C

– Caber Impianti (2)
– Carbolite Gero (15)
– CARLISLE FLUID Applied sciences (1)
– Cefla Ending (1)
– ceradel industries (14)
– Codere (4)

– D

– Desktop Metallic (1)

– E

– EBNER (8)
– ECM Applied sciences (6)
– Elsisan (2)
– ESPEC (1)
– ESPEC (1)
– Eurotherm (1)

– F

– FARM NEW BRASS s.r.l. (1)
– Fives (1)
– Fives DMS (4)
– France Etuves (4)
– Fusion Included (1)

– G

– Gadda group (16)

– H

– Hangzhou colour powder coating tools ltd (7)
– HANWHA Machinery (4)
– Hasborg (1)
– HEAT Concept (4)
– Hebei AOCNO Baking Equipment Co., Ltd. (1)
– Heldors (4)
– Hengli Eletek Co., Ltd (1)
– Hinterkopf (1)
– HORN Glass Industries (1)

– I

– I.C.M.I. S.R.L. (8)
– ineltec france (2)
– Ipsen Worldwide GmbH (4)

– J

– Jinan Shengrun Equipment Co., Ltd. (2)
– JISICO Co., Ltd. (2)

– Ok

– Keith firm (4)
– Koenig & Bauer MetalPrint GmbH (1)
– König Maschinen GmbH (1)
– Koyo Thermos Programs (18)

– L

– La Fornitecnica S.r.l. (8)
– Laser S.r.l. (2)
– Linn Excessive Therm (1)
– LOI Thermprocess – Tenova Metals Division (12)

– M

– Supplies Research Furnaces (17)
– Mono Tools (1)
– MORCOS Egyptian Engineering Company (2)
– Morgan Molten Steel Systems (3)

– N

– Nabertherm (25)
– Novagum (1)
– Nutec Bickley (3)

– O

– OMAV S.P.A. (3)
– Outotec (1)

– P

– PALOMAR Technologies (2)
– PINK GmbH Thermosysteme (1)
– Prada Nargesa SL (3)
– Protherm Furnaces (1)
– PVA TePla Group (3)

– R

– Rohde GmbH (19)
– ROMER P.P. (2)

– S

– Salva Industrial S.A (1)
– SCHMID (3)
– SCHWING Technologies GmbH (1)
– SELLERPRO Firm (1)
– Shandong Tianli Energy Co.,Ltd. (1)
– Shanghai Electric Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. (1)
– Sheldon (4)
– Sistem Teknik Industrial Furnaces (25)
– Solem Bakery Machine (1)
– SOLO Swiss & BOREL Swiss (1)

– T

– Tangshan Juntong Technology Co., Ltd. (1)
– Thermal Product Options (8)
– ThermConcept Dr. Fischer (6)

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– United Process Controls GmbH (1)
– unitemp (1)

– V


– W

– Weiss Technik (1)

– X

– Xinxiang Great Wall Machinery Co., Ltd (1)

– Z

– Zanolli (4)

– İ



– heat therapy (292) –
annealing quenching tempering soldering sintering thermal carbonitriding carburizing melting hardening nitriding oxidation powder coating aging gas quenching oil quenching sublimation austempering homogenizing polymerization pouring pyrolysis for low-strain carburizing holding cupellation for low-pressure nitriding solubilization carbon regeneration for metallization thermal shock
preheating reheating regeneration
calcination for incineration

cleaning casting for fireplace resistance testing burnout cremation analysis for mechanical tests storage age-hardening coke reactivity take a look at de-oiling for sizzling stamping for organic synthesis press trial


– chamber (255) muffle cabinet truck-in
conveyor roller pass-by way of paternoster

Heat sources

– combustion (446) gas
electric resistance infrared induction

Maximum temperature


– managed atmosphere (130) inert gas nitrogen hydrogen 100% hydrogen ambiance CO2





Different characteristics

– applications (198) –
industrial laboratory for aluminum for forging for metallurgy for the ceramics trade for aeronautical functions for billets for steel for the food industry for precious metals for the electronics trade powder coating for copper for ingots for foundry applications for glass working for leaf springs for printed circuit boards for non-ferrous metals for petroleum and fuel pipes for the plastics industry for micromechanic for molds bread for aerospace functions for carbon fiber for dental purposes for the baking trade for welding applications

& reach your purchasers in a single place, all year spherical

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quenching furnaceCaseMaster Evolution

Most temperature: 1,250 °C

… in two ways: under fuel quenching or oil quenching. The high-effectivity oil quenching has an agitation system that ensures wonderful oil penetration by way of the workload which ends up in uniform and fast workload cooling. …

annealing furnaceVortex®

Maximum temperature: 150 °C – 600 °C

… aluminium coil and foil annealing furnaces with capacities starting from single coil modular furnaces to multi-zone furnaces with tight zone control. We have the expertise, data …

… annealing furnaces exploit a number of totally different designs to make sure temperature uniformity. SECO/WARWICK holds patents for innovations on controlling airflow recirculation over varied size loads, growing heat switch …

annealing furnaceLHT collection

Most temperature: 1,750, 1,600 °C
Capacity: Four l
Width: 655 mm

… fan cooling for low floor temperature • Adjustable air inlet • Exhaust air opening within the roof • Type B thermocouple • Supply consists of base, ceramic plunger with base plate in the furnace …

drying ovenKTR series

Maximum temperature: 260 °C
Capacity: 1,000 l – 22,500 l
Width: 1,820 mm – 3,140 mm

… Electrically heated (through a heating register with built-in chrome steel heating parts) or fuel-fired (direct or oblique fuel-fired including injection of the recent air into the intake …

chamber furnaceGW series

Maximum temperature: 900 °C
Capability: 830 l – 8,000 l
Width: 2,140 mm – 4,640 mm

… insulation, lightweight refractory bricks on the hot face Hinged hood as standard version Gas operated dampers present for easy hood opening Manually operated exhaust air flaps Tub on wheels may be …

pyrolysis furnaceCOMPACTCLEAN

Most temperature: Zero °C – 460 °C

COMPACTCLEAN is a compact, environmentally and consumer friendly pyrolysis system (pyrolysis furnace, pyrolysis oven) which removes all plastics from small tools and components.

austempering furnace302

… processes carried out underneath confined atmospheres inside a metallic fuel-tight channel and an environment friendly convection of the gas. Quite a few combos of components upstream and downstream of the furnace …

annealing furnaceEASYBOX

Most temperature: 1,100, 1,200 °C
Width: 230 mm – 1,four hundred mm
Height: 200 mm – 1,200 mm

… range consists of a large kind of fashions of horizontal chamber furnaces, intended for heat treatments in air or in a neutral controlled atmosphere. The ovens, accessible in lots of sizes, may also be made …

sintering furnaceEASYBRAZE

Most temperature: Zero °C – 1,150 °C
Width: 100 mm – 600 mm
Peak: Forty mm – 250 mm

sintering ovenEASYBRAZE 27

Emblematic range of the ELTI brand, the conveyor belt ovens of the EASYBRAZE vary mirror a long time of expertise within the manufacture of passage ovens under managed ambiance. Out there in a flat passage …

forging furnaceH3

… that use fuel as fuel RD919 / 2006. • – Computerized digital ignition: Prevents the operator from inserting his hands in the combustion chamber to activate the gasoline. No device is necessary to generate the …

forging furnaceH2

The new H2 Nargesa propane forging furnace has been designed to heat irons extra efficiently, extra safely and respecting the setting. Extra Efficient: Eat up to 75% much less fuel and …

forging furnaceH1

Maximum temperature: 1,300 °C

… NEW H1 Nargesa propane forging furnace has been designed to heat irons extra efficiently, more safely and respecting the surroundings. Extra Environment friendly: Devour as much as 75% much less gasoline and reach a higher temperature …

annealing oven1318

Most temperature: 1,150 °C
Width: 3,500 mm
Height: 1,000 mm

… : normalizing, austenitizing, annealing, solubilization, tempering, quenching in several fluids (water, polymer, oil) and air quenching. Maximum batch weight is 20 T handled up to 1.150 °C. The quenching tank has 4 …

heat therapy oven1212

Maximum temperature: 1,200 °C
Width: 3,400 mm
Top: 1,700 mm

… carry out numerous processes as: normalizing, austenitizing, annealing air quenching and tempering. Maximum batch weight is 20 T treated as much as 1.200 °C. Batch line parts – eight chamber furnaces – …

annealing oven1272

Most temperature: 1,200 °C
Width: 2,500 mm
Top: 1,500 mm

… acquisition system is used to file and monitor temperatures of the load during treatments. Batch line parts – 1 bell furnace – 1 quenching tank with agitators – 1 rotating compelled cooling hood – 2 loading/unloading …

drying ovenVAW

Most temperature: 650 °C

Tempering Heat Ovens, VAW The VAW sequence of tempering ovens represents an oven building idea that has been proven and constantly additional developed for over a decade. It’s used …

Free photo close up view of woman making coffee in a cupchamber ovenHT series

Maximum temperature: 60 °C – 600 °C
Capability: 28, 94, 227, 343 l

The HT high temperature ovens are manufactured in 4 normal chamber sizes with maximum operating temperatures of 400°C, 500°C and 600°C. Their robust development incorporates heavy responsibility hinges, door catches and shelving …

heat therapy ovenHTMA series

Most temperature: 60 °C – seven hundred °C
Capability: 95, 220, 500, 1,000, 28 l

… modified atmosphere high temperature ovens to be used with inert atmospheres as much as 700°C. Separate circulation controls for purge and course of gases mean that when the chamber has been purged of atmospheric air …

heat treatment furnaceGLO sequence

Most temperature: 900, 600, 1,a hundred °C
Capability: 10, 40, 75, 120, 260 l

… highest possible temperature of the GLO annealing furnace is 1100°C for heat treatment with an ambiance. The front door of the cylindrical retort could be heated if required. At the water cooled entrance door, the fuel …

steady oven

These conveyor ovens from Elmetherm are designed for dying, curing, and heat treating. They are excellent options for conveying, regulation, and aerodynamics. They are constructed rigorously so as to supply the optimal …

Curing batch ovens with multi-zone heating – Gasoline-fired heated – Heat restoration exchanger – Fume & VOC incinerator

polymerization oven

… annealing oven, this belt conveyor furnace is able to generating a most temperature of 300°C while occupying a small working space. Its elements are positioned manually or through the aid of a …

microwave oven 4 generic 3d modelcuring oven

Most temperature: Four hundred °C – 500 °C

PTFE Curing Oven Fuel or Electric Choices 400-600 C temperature 5 stage heating department. Each department separate controlled.

curing ovenVMBFE

Most temperature: 30 °C – one hundred fifty °C

… and duration fully rely on the used paints. Electrical energy, liquid or gasoline gasoline are used for heating the ovens. Painted components should enter the drying oven after the completion …

curing furnaceVMBF

Maximum temperature: 220 °C

Powder Coating Curing Ovens Powder coating ovens are convection ovens which permits to electrostatic powder coated work pieces to be cured often around at 200°C in 10 minutes. The …

drying ovenVMDR

Maximum temperature: One hundred °C

DIP Kind DRYING OVEN It is used at the tip of the pre-remedy course of for drying the work items with a view to make them ready for powder coating application. Heat exchanger and compelled circulation system gives …

powder coating ovenTBF Fuel heated Box Kind Oven

Batch – Box Kind Oven Field type ovens are divided into two classes as with electricity or pure gasoline, depending on the heat power they use. They are dimensioned as desired usage …

Belt Conveyor Ovens They are drying ovens positioned to the top of the paint lines with the intention of dry the materials. It is manufacturing as a wire belt or PVC belt mannequin based on the drying temperature. …

burnout furnaceGWO

Capability: 3,000 l – 10,000 l

… consumption. Incinerator Heat exchanger (distinctive one burner system, which permits to use sizzling smokes) EN 1539 Chamber material: stainless steel; Zinc coated and powder painted external casing; Modulating gasoline …

preheating furnaceICO series

Maximum temperature: 260 °C – 1,200 °C
Capacity: Forty eight l – 6,811 l
Width: 300 mm – 2,900 mm

… chamber ovens Heldors ICO line is made for tempering, annealing, ageing, preheating, drying, age hardening and other thermal therapy processes of various materials in temperature range from 50⁰C to 860⁰C in air …

thermal furnaceIWF collection

Most temperature: 50 °C – 1,300 °C
Capability: 528 l – 10,900 l
Width: 800, 850, 900, 1,000, 1,200 mm

… bogie hearth furnaces Heldors IWF is developed for heavy loads. Line is made for hardening, cementation and different thermal therapy processes of varied supplies in temperature range from 50⁰C to 1300⁰C in air …

aluminum furnace

Gasoline aluminum metal melting furnace – Gasoline Nonferrous Steel Melting and Holding Furnace – Capability:100kg-1ton 1ton-10ton 10t-150ton In contrast with fuel oil, gasoline …

melting furnaceTA-200

… for University or R & D Laboratories because it contains an inexpensive able to run furnace with evacuation, inert gas, and cooling water parts built-in into the furnace meeting as …

melting furnaceABJ-338

Most temperature: 0 °C – 3,500 °C

Arc Melt Furnace ABJ-338 is our small bell jar arc melt furnace. As an alternative of being loaded from the underside as in our SA-200 or TA-200 arc melt, the chamber is hinged backwards to permit easy accessibility to the loading space, hearth …

annealing furnace

Maximum temperature: 2,200, 3,000 °C

Our small excessive temperature laboratory furnace is capable of working at 3000 °C in inert gasoline with modest power usage as a result of extremely efficient graphite insulation pack. The 4″ diameter x 8″ excessive (one zero one …

heat remedy oven+forty °C … +200 °C | VAC series

These items has been exclusively designed for vacuum heat therapy resembling defoaming, deaerating, hardening or drying, essential processes in the production of digital parts.

conveyor ovenEuro FCT series

Most temperature: 200 °C

Eurotherm affords a fuel fired oven, with a temperature vary as much as 200°C. The unit comes with a heat exchanger air or combustion fumes, as well as a methane and/or GPL burner.

electric furnaceF Collection

CENTRIFUGAL CASTING Automated electric or gas furnaces FURNACE F50 PILOT Automated electric, gas or LP furnace to solid alloys featuring …

melting furnaceAFI-02,03,05,06,07

Maximum temperature: 0 °C – 1,500 °C

Induction melting furnaces are a fashionable and economical alternative to electric resistance, gasoline and oil furnaces. New technological options give broad potentialities to the consumer. An indispensable advantage …

drying oven

Maximum temperature: 0 °C – 450 °C

… annealing oven paint oven high-temperature ovens Industrial ovens batch production ovens batch ovens box ovens field …

heat treatment oven

Drum and IBC ovens Belmeko is producer of drum and IBC heating ovens, that are all made to measure.Belmeko provides you a complete answer:personal engineering, manufacturing, assembling and after gross sales service.

preheating furnace250 / 251

BELL FURNACE SEMI/FULL Automated OR Guide – SYSTEM 250/251 Modular bell-furnace with stations separated functionally and direct quenching transfer. The quench switch system for loading from the furnace …

annealing furnace280

Maximum temperature: 0 °C – 1,050 °C

HARDENING AUTOMATE – SYSTEM 280 Bell furnace with metal muffle and integrated water quench tank for therapies below protective environment Components are loaded in baskets Ambiance conditioning and really rapid heat-up …

annealing furnace300

Maximum temperature: Zero °C – 1,one hundred fifty °C

CONVEYOR BELT FURNACE – Kind 300 Conveyor belt furnace with horizontal steel muffle fitted Heating and cooling of the workpieces under protecting atmosphere Maximum working temperature: 1150°C High …

chamber oven+forty °C … +200 °C | VAC-P series

Double layered inside development for nice temperature uniformity A double-layer development with heater in between offers improved temperature uniformity, decreased heat loss and reduced heat-up time. Variety of options for better …

brazing furnaceSST 3150

The Mannequin 3150 High Vacuum Furnace is used for activating getters, sealing of discrete MEMS packages, and different sealing and brazing processes. Packages are hermetically sealed with very low vacuum and moisture ranges …

soldering ovenSST 8300 Sequence

Maximum temperature: Zero °C – 500 °C

… soldering system designed to ship a dependable low-void, flux-less solder course of using exact mixture of vacuum and gasoline stress. That includes conveyor belts and a Cartesian gantry, the system gives high volume, …

conveyor furnace2500 Series

Maximum temperature: 1,050 °C

… Controlled Atmosphere Conveyor Furnace from SCHMID is designed for precision processing in manufacturing operations requiring performance of the highest high quality and consistency. Rated to 1050 °C, these furnaces …

thermal furnace3500 collection

Maximum temperature: 600 °C
Width: One hundred fifty mm – 914 mm
Height: 25 mm – 200 mm

The 3500 Collection Reflow and Packaging Furnace from SCHMID is designed for precision processing in manufacturing operations requiring performance of the best high quality and consistency. These ovens are …

annealing furnaceHTF

Excessive purity diffusion, annealing and oxidation The diffusion furnace HTF is equipped with up to 4 individually controllable tubes. The loading and unloading of boats in the tubes is completed routinely by loading items.

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