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3.2 –

bosch set02 applianceUnleash your creativity with new rendering features, painting tools, performance improvements and rather more.

StoveReleased June 8th, 2022



Mild Groups

A new sort of Cycles render cross that comprises only the lighting from a subset of gentle sources.

Gentle Teams can be used as a way to e.g. modify the coloration and/or intensity of light sources within the compositor without re-rendering.

– Combined
– Interior
– Pool
– Benches
– World

All Light Teams mixed in the Compositor.

A Gentle Group containing only the lights and mesh objects with emission shaders inside the house.

bakeLight Group for the lights affecting the pool area.

One other Mild Group for the partitions and benches.

World environments can be part of a Gentle Group.


Cycles now supports selective rendering of caustics in shadows of refractive objects.

This is based on “Manifold Subsequent Occasion Estimation”, a way developed for production rendering.

Movement BLUR

Introducing assist for motion blur for gas simulations and imported OpenVDB volumes.

– Assist Adaptive Sampling with Scrambling Distance
– AMD GPU Rendering for Linux
– OpenColorIO shade area aliases support
– New Linear ACEScg coloration space
– Add Alpha Output to Object Info node
– Support completely different Coloration Management for Render and Viewport
– Automatically unpause viewport when switching to rendered mode
– Enable Alembic procedural for closing renders
– Support for Baking to UDIM tiles


Blender 3.2 revolutionizes polygon painting with new instruments, usability improvements, and unprecedented performance.


Paint is now out there in Sculpt mode! Taking advantage of the performance enhancements you can now paint on millions of polygons. Try the file used on the video under.

– Paint Brush
– Smear Brush
– Mask by Shade
– Color Filter Tool

The new paint brush comes with a bunch of recent settings like tip form, wet mixing, circulate and density.
Customise the brush freely with all the prevailing settings.

A brand new high-performance Smear brush! With modes for smear dragging, pinch and expand.

Create masks on the fly with the new Mask by Shade tool.
Perfect to paint or sculpt on certain colours solely.

A new Shade Filter software to apply various effects on unmasked areas.
Regulate hue, values, saturation, distinction and even easy.


Now when utilizing the voxel remesher all shade attributes will probably be preserved.

This is perfect to color your sculpts as you still experiment and block out the final shapes.


Masking, auto-masking and face units are fully supported with colour attribute painting.


This new node creates a brand new geometry with the required components (level, edge, face, spline, or occasion).

Mixed with the Geometry to Instance Node, this can be used to create a primary environment friendly “Array” operation. This must be extra efficient as a result of the duplicates are situations.



Increase your asset library with Collections!

– Add Assortment belongings as situations or actual objects.

– Thumbnails are mechanically generated, or customise it with your personal.


PEN Instrument

Quickly add, delete, and tweak control factors. Hold modifier keys to change handle sorts.



This new modifier connects all factors which might be N points apart, a shape known as envelope.

AND More

– Build modifier enhancements
– Improved smooth operator algorithm
– Scale Stroke Thickness in Pie menu
– New “Keep Shape” choice in Easy modifier
– Dot Sprint modifier enhancements
– Improve multi-person Grease Pencil efficiency
– Added cache to hurry up object analysis



Manage your edits by giving channels a reputation!

You can too mute and lock whole channels.


– Add body selected operator for preview
– Higher dealing with of animation when transforming strips
– Option to restrict timeline view peak
– Use float for transformation offset
– Enable edge panning for remodel operator
– Add filter method to strip rework
– Create new scene from VSE


– Displacement bump improvements
– Shader improvements
– Present compilation progress within the 3D Viewport
– Bump node optimization
– Tangent Vector displacement now matches Cycles

Library Overrides

– ReSync up to 10x sooner
– Common improvements
– Proxy system deprecated


– Assist for WebP image format
– New Experimental OBJ importer
– FBX I/O Improvements
– BHV importing improvements


– Support sustaining ortho views when rolling +/- 90°

Geometry Nodes

– Named Attributes
– Readability Improvements
– Face is Planar node
– Better Performance

Animation & Rigging

– Motion Paths enhancements
– New “Keep Transform Without Inverse” dad or mum option
– Improvements to NLA editor
– Support customized shortcuts for “Insert Keyframe” menu
– Discontinuity (Euler) Filter available in Dope Sheet
– Rigify improvements
– Legacy Pose Library deprecated


This is Plain Jane.– Improved error message when monitors are linked to multiple adapters
– Sooner Blender launch with disconnected shares
– NDOF gadget enhancements
– Improved numerical entry when using Chinese language language
– Help for Woff and Woff2 font file codecs


– Camera Landmark from Session
– Object Visibility options
– Assist for HTC Vive Focus 3 controllers

Person Interface

– Swap Areas between separate windows
– Snapping per editor
– OneDrive shortcut in File Browser
– Improved dragging of preview thumbnails
– Voxel Dimension now shows items
– Markers improvements
– Better defaults in Voxel Remesh

PBR Hands DryerPython

– Context Temp Override
– Show exceptions in Info Editor
– Python API modifications
– API breaking changes and deprecation
– Text Editor: Gentle keywords syntax highlight


– Compositor: Add Mix and Separate XYZ Nodes
– Fixes in Movement Monitoring
– Libraries Updates

A corrective release was published on August 3, 2022
See the record of fixes at


Blender splash artwork supply files can be found so that you can play with, not just for Blender 3.2 version however for previous variations as well.

Listing of developers that contributed to Blender 3.2

Blender 3.2 splash by Oksana Dobrovolska.

Web page design and structure by Pablo Vazquez. Barcelona Pavillion by eMirage. Grease Pencil envelope modifier artwork by Mind Graft. Geometry Nodes by Simon Thommes. Additional help by Blender Institute and the Blender community. Sculpt Paint demo by Ramil Roosileht. Asset Collection demo by Flavio Della Tommasa. Remesh and Mask demo by Daniel Bystedt. Options video by SouthernShotty. Sprite Fright by Blender Studio.

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